Key Copies

Key Copies

Common Keys

We stock over 3,000 different keys! We have all the common keys such as Kwikset and Schlage and we also have an extensive collection of older and less common styles as well.

Need an original key made? See Original Keys.

Car Keys

  • Nearly every car made since the early 2000's have had a transponder chip in the key. If the code in the key doesn't match the code the vehicle is expecting then it won't start the vehicle.
  • The transponder is different than the remote control.
  • We can copy keys for most vehicles, but we do not have any remote controls. If you're able to get a blank key (from amazon, ebay, keyless ride, etc) then we can usually program it in for $50. We can't guarantee it will work, but if it doesn't then it's no charge for our part.
  • Call us to verify we can do your vehicle and for a price quote, prices usually range from about $65 up to around $100 but a few are outside that range.
  • Need an original key made or one from a VIN number? See Original Keys.

Designer Keys - Kwikset

We stock about 250 different Kwikset designer keys with prices from $3 to $5. Our selection of designs is always changing!

Designer Keys - Schlage

We stock about 125 different Schlage designer keys with prices from $3 to $5.