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Locksmith Services: Original Keys

For original Car Keys please see Original Car Keys which have a different process.

Keys from Code

If your lock has a code number stamped on it then there's a good chance we'll be able to make what's called a "Code Key". We look up that code in our database and use a special machine to make the first key. To make additional copies are then just the regular price copies.

We usually don't need the lock in-shop to make the key, but if you're able to bring it in then we can make sure it works well right then.

The keys are guaranteed to work and you can bring them back for a refund if they do not.

We can usually cut the code key in less than 15 minutes.

Single sided code keys: $15 + key ($2-$6)

Double sided code keys: $25 + key ($2-$6)

Keys from Impressioning

If there's no code then we can try impressioning to make a key. We take a key blank and use a file to manually file in the cuts until we get a working key. We can do this for most wafer locks.

You have to bring the lock in to us. If it's attached to a big item or a vehicle then you'll need to bring the whole thing in.

Plan for about an hour for the whole process.

The keys are guaranteed to work and you can bring them back for a refund if they do not.

Single sided impressioned key: $25 + key ($2-$6)

Double sided impressioned key: $35 + key ($2-$6)

Skeleton and Luggage Keys

There is not a "standard" key for these, we've got a selection of currently manufactured ones and a bin of old miscellaneous ones. If one of those keys fits your lock then they run about $10. If not then we are unfortunately not able to make original keys.

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