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Locksmith Services: Car Key Copies

There are many types of car keys and each manufacturer is different and they change by model and by year to make cars harder to steal. Depending on your Make, Model and Year a copy of your key could run from $3 up to $300. Please call, text, email or chat with us so we can look up your specific vehicle and give you an exact price.

In many cases we have several options to choose from such as:

We'll need to know your exact vehicle to find out the options so please contact us for more information!

Keys we stock


Key Types & Technologies

Our Key Machines

All of our key machines are professional manual machines that are calibrated and well maintained.

All of our employees are well trained and know how to make adjustments to get the best copy possible.


All of our keys are guaranteed to work. If they don't then you can bring them back and we will either adjust how we cut it (shallower/deeper), we can hand-file, or worst case we can give a 100% refund. Nearly every key we cut works perfectly the first time!

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