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25th Annual Mens Slowpitch Softball Tournament

Mens Lower:
    April 25th, 26th, 27th 2008
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  • [Final Leaders] (pdf)
  • [Photos - Lower]

    1st Place
    BMC Choppers

    2nd Place
    Walking Billboards

    3rd Place
    Drinkin Devils

    4th Place

    David Hanegraaf
Mens Upper:
    May 3rd, 4th 2008
  • [Bracket - Final]
  • [Photos - Upper]

    1st Place
    Holiday RV

    2nd Place
    Blue Socks

    3rd Place
    Inside Sports

    4th Place
    G.P. Swarm

    Ricardo Mendez

    Batting Title
    Brian Mitchell

Where: Ashland, Oregon
Cost: $250 per team
(Proceeds to sponsor Little League teams in Ashland, Talent, Central Point, Medford, Mt. Ashland Babe Ruth, and Ashland American Legion baseball)
* 1st - 4th - Large Framed and Inscribed team picture
* 1st Individual Framed and Inscribed team picture
* 2nd Individual Inscribed team picture
* 15 All-Stars
* Golden Glove
* Batting Title
Special Rules: * Score keepers will be provided. Stats will be kept on computer
* Players may play in either the Upper or Open NOT BOTH *Can result in forfeit*
* Mens UPPER - First Five home runs are home runs, then OUTs
* Mens OPEN - First Three home runs are doubles, then OUTs
* Min. 6 ft. Max. 14 ft. arc - Black Mat - third strike foul = OUT
* Teams must have 9 players min. - up to 12 can bat
* 15 run rule after 5 innings or 20 run rule after 4 innings
* Championship game - NO 15 or 20 RUN RULES
* No new inning started after 1 hour and 15 minutes
* Free defensive substitutions, but no batting order changes
* 1 courtesy runner per team, per game (last out becomes runner)
* No automatic out if player is injured and there are no substitutions available

Questions? Call Rocky at (___) ___-____ or email