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Home Rekey

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Bought a new house?

Rekeying the locks is a very good idea. Think about how many people, contractors, workers, agents and others have gained access to your new home. Changing the locks is the first thing you should do!

Lost Keys?

If you've lost your keys and are worried that they could be used to access your home then you need your locks changed. New keys will ensure that only the people you want in will be able to get in with at key.

Worried about someone?

Getting new keys will keep someone out whom you're worried about. We can also drill to install new deadbolts for added security against kicking the door in.

Service you can trust.

We've been providing quality locksmith services to the Rogue Valley for over 30 years. We have two retail locations you can come visit us at and ask questions. We're an established company with a strong record of reliability.