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DND (Do Not Duplicate) Keys & Restricted Keyways

Do Not Duplicate

DND keys are the easiest and cheapest way to add a low level of key control to your business.

Do Not Duplicate Key - Front
Do Not Duplicate Key - Back

DND Verification Procedure

We take our DND keys seriously. Every time anyone wants to get a copy of a DND key we do the following:

Restricted Keys

The next level up in security is changing your locks to a Restricted Keyway. Restricted Keyway's use parts that are not available for non locksmiths' to buy, so places like hardware stores and big box stores cannot get them. This means that you must go to a locksmith to get copies made.

Our primary restricted keyway is called the "Clark" key. We verify authorization the same way as we do DND keys but we additionally track every individual key made and verify that the person is authorized for that specific business.

Clark keys cost $5 each but you also have to replace your locks which is $35-$50 per keyhole. If you do not currently have commercial door locks then you may need to upgrade those as well which run $50-$120 per lock.

Restricted Clark Key

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